31st October 2015
1:21 AM

One of the most important reason from many, that why I took to blog writing was to maintain consistency in my process. No matter what the circumstances are life always puts you through test, so does your school be it Primary school, Secondary school, your High school or your Business school. The one thing that has been common through all these phases was testing. But the bitter truth is no one like being tested yet everyone has to undergo the harsh process.

Consistency helps! Be it of the thoughts, processes inputs or result.If you are wondering how does it helps? The solution is simple. You need to forge you shields strong enough to fight the battle by burning it into the fire of consistency. you can do it by

  • Focus on learning and keep updating your knowledge base on regular basis
  • Polish your skills through practice
  • Map regularly your level of preparation with the expected/ desired level of preparation
  • First work smart and then work hard( and working smart no way implies taking shortcuts)
  • And finally learn from you failures

In my next blog I would share my experiences of failure and success of my life.

With this my blog entry completes
until next time



24th October 2015
4:15 PM

While attending a guest lecture on Digital Marketing  (delivered by Mr Mohit Pawar at IBS Hyderabad),which helped me realize how powerful  blogging is,I became fixated at the instant to start a blog of my own.But when it came down to write a blog in real-time the first major challenge faced was ” what should the blog be all about?”.

Usually readers prefer niche blogs because they are more of content oriented.Being disinterested towards niche blogging I choose to write a blog where I could share my  interest,thoughts ,believes and experiences with all the readers and get to know about what they think,believe and feel. And  more over what could be  more interesting for anyone than sharing  their experiences of life.I mean they are priceless.If looked closely experiences are like wine,all it does is gets richer with time.

In the upcoming blogs I would be writing about the ” upcoming examination season-Boards and competitive examination” , the challenges issues faced, success and failure scored specially what comes with success and what doesn’t with the failure.

With this my first blog entry completes.
Until next time.