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If you are lucky enough to be at Phoenix Mall Kurla on 21/22 of April, your next month’s rent can be taken care of by this new social media FEBA.

To raise the awareness about how to use FEBA, they will be releasing a set of crypto tokens which you can redeem against your next month’s rent.

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These tokens will be available in a set of 5, each being released one after the other in between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on the Feba’s Mobile app.

You can get the app on google play and App store
I have revealed 3 secrets tricks that will boost your chance of getting these tokens before anyone else.

While you are in Phoenix and waiting for you next token you can boost up your joy of shopping by exploring various offer on Feba by other brands.

Or you can use Feba’s Wall of places (Feba’s Wall of Phoenix) to post about what are you looking to shop today and all those brands who takes care of customer will respond to your post.

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If you are in no mood for shopping, you can connect with other people at Phoenix who share your interest through Feba’s wall of Phoenix Kurla.

I connected to one of the Co-founders.  And this beautiful message shows their dedication to delivering the core values.

“This is not a place for coupons. It’s a place where you seek or serve knowledge and information and honor connection.we aim to make communication simpler for you with people and brands around you no matter if you are at the airport, bus stop,  a shopping mall or spending your holidays at a beach. We are unique and you will know it.”

-Miss Shweta Kumar, Director House of couton Pvt. Ltd(Co-Founder Feba)

And here is some more good news. This campaign will happen every month and there will be new winners on last Sunday of every month.

Now you can plan to spend the rent you saved for the next month.

Here are the three secret tricks you have been waiting for.

1.Secret Number one is:
Tokens are limited.Tokens will be released within the equal interval
The Second token will be revealed at 1:00 pm IST.

You see it, you grab it! You got it?

2. Secret number two is:
Feba’s Social wall of Places.
By making a public post you can let FEBA know the reason why you need the month’s rent off and there is a greater chance that you will get next token before everyone else

3.Third and the most important secret is:
Do not redeem these token if you don’t want to. It will be converted to a crypto asset against its crypto value in your crypto wallet. You can later resell the crypto asset for a much higher price.

 You are all set to go!You can click the tabs below to download the                                                                     

Since Feba is a location-based app, the tokens won’t be available until you are at Phoneix Mall Kurla.
Because ” What happens at Phoenix stays at Phoenix! “